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'Grand Theft Auto' in numbers

Rockstar Games will release GTA VI in 2025
Rockstar Games will release GTA VI in 2025.

Gamers got their first glimpse on Tuesday of a trailer for the sixth edition of "Grand Theft Auto", a testosterone-fueled franchise that has been lighting up screens since 1997.

Here are the key numbers connected with the record-breaking game.


Days that Grand Theft Auto V took to pass $1 billion in sales in 2013, with publisher Take-Two Interactive claiming it was the fastest-selling entertainment product in history.


Playable women characters in the series—and these were all in the first game in 1997.

There have been other attempts at women characters in spinoffs, limited editions and the online version.

But the game has been a man-led franchise, which explains why reports that GTA VI would revolve around a lead woman—confirmed by the trailer—set the internet alight.


Square kilometers of the map in GTA V, which is set in the fictional city of Los Santos and its surrounding areas.

The area is by far the biggest of the GTA series though dwarfed by other open-world video games.


Videos showing footage from the development phase of GTA VI that were stolen and leaked online during 2022.

The trailer for GTA VI was also leaked, forcing the studio to release it officially hours ahead of schedule.


Voice actors involved in the creation of GTA IV, far surpassing any other game, according to Guinness World Records 2009 edition.

The games have featured guest vocals from luminaries including Axl Rose, Samuel L Jackson and Ice-T.


Articles written about the game up to 2009, as logged by Guinness World Records.

The chronicler of records dubbed it the world's "Most Controversial Video Game Series"—a category that online commentators suggested had been dreamt up solely for GTA.

-20 million-

Units of GTA V sold in 2020, which the firm said was the biggest number of sales in any year since its 2013 release.

-92 million-

Views of the GTA V trailer on YouTube, reportedly the most watched trailer for an action game.

The GTA VI trailer looked on course to break further records, having been viewed 45 million times after just eight hours.

-410 million-

Units sold by the franchise since its launch in 1997.

GTA V has been the runaway success with the publisher claiming 190 million units sold up to September this year—making it the second best-selling in history.

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